BIG SHOT Organic’s Mushroom Coffee – 4x BIGGER


For our passionate mushroom coffee enthusiasts, we’ve created a jar that’s four times larger than our standard size!


Our mushroom coffee is composed of core elements of value, which include therapeutic value, wellness, quality, and sensory appeal. Our superfood elixir is the coffee of the future, created to address the issues associated with traditionally processed coffee. Our organic product is of the highest quality, which delivers a more beneficial experience, while the dark, rich coffee flavor with the added chocolaty earthiness of mushroom extracts provides sensory appeal.

We use whole fruiting bodies, not mushrooms grown on grains and ground together, to maximize nutritional and flavor profiles. Our mushrooms are wild harvested and wild cultivated from the best organic growers worldwide.

The difference our mushrooms make is significant. These mushrooms are reputed to offer various benefits, such as:

  • Chaga — fights the common cold, reduces inflammation, and helps skin glow and hair grow thicker.
  • Maitake — improves digestion, helps with weight control, and stabilizes blood sugar.
  • Cordyceps — boosts sports performance, increases energy, and provides allergy support.
  • Shiitake — supports liver function, helps with skin issues, and lowers cholesterol.
  • Lion’s Mane — enhances concentration and focus, and supports the nervous system.
  • Reishi — promotes better sleep, helps with seasonal allergies, and provides stress support.
  • Turkey Tail — provides antioxidants and balances gut bacteria.

Mushrooms are among the most thoroughly researched and longest-used antioxidant superfoods. We only source the finest 100% organic mushroom fruiting bodies and employ a professional hot water extraction process to achieve exceptional results!


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